Day #4 | Thursday 21st April (Alt Tuning Day)

Session #3

After lunch the class gathered themselves outside in the garden, bathed in glorious afternoon sunshine, and began rehearsing their chosen songs for the student performance on the final day.

Songs learnt this week:

  1. Before You Accuse Me – Eric Clapton (Unplugged)
  2. Karma Police – Radiohead
  3. Turn The Page – Bob Seger
  4. Amazing Grace (Trad.)
  5. It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
  6. Fairytale Lullaby – John Martyn

Session #2

After our break we set ourselves up outside in the sunshine and tuned our guitars to DADF#AD (also known as D Major tuning) and learnt John Martyn’s beautiful ‘Fairytale Lullaby’.

John Martyn – Fairytale Lullaby

The class learn Fairytale Lullaby by John Martyn

The class learn Fairytale Lullaby by John Martyn

Session #1

This morning the class warmed up with their exercises and we then introduced to RH picking exercises, including; banjo rolls and alternate thumb patterns.

Gunther working hard on his DADGAD chops


After the warm up session the class tuned their guitars to DADGAD tuning (known as Dsus4 tuning) and began learning DADGAD chord voicings for D, G and A.

We also covered the D Major scale for DADGAD tuning, which allowed us to create celtic/irish melodies between the chords.

The scale is built using the same theory as in standard tuning (2212221) but the fingering of the scale is very different due to the altered tuning of the guitar.

DADGAD – D Major Scale

DADGAD - D Major Scale

DADGAD – D Major Scale

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About Richard Perkins

Richard Perkins is the founder of Bath Guitar School and has worked for the International Guitar Foundation, Brit Awards, Rockschool, B&NES Council, Mid Somerset Festival, Bath Music Plus, and appeared on BBC and ITV television and radio programming as well as being featured in Guitar Techniques, Total Guitar, Venue, Bath Life magazines and the Bath Chronicle newspaper. Richard is a graduate of the Commercial Music degree programme at Bath Spa University and has a HND in Popular Music from Oxford College.
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